Mizrachi Lamm Leadership Courses

The Mizrachi Lamm school of Leadership Courses

Under the auspices of the Mizrachi Lamm School of Leadership – the program equips the participant couples with leadership courses and life skills to help them deal with broader issues that communities are grappling with.

Some of the courses included:

  • Mediation and Conflict Resolution – A professional 60 hour course on mediation with
  • Public Speaking – 40 hour course dealing with Logos, Ethos and Pathos.
  • Public Speaking – 15 hour course focusing on style and body language
  • Addiction course – understanding the causes and how to help people break out of it.
  • Sexual Abuse and Domestic Violence – 3 day International conference by TAHEL.
  • Interpersonal Relations – An 8 session course on active listening and communication.
  • Family Purity – In depth course including hadrachat Kallot and hadrachat Chatanim.
  • Fertility and Medicine in the Modern World – International conference regarding fertility and innovations in Medicine with halachic ramifications by Machon Puah.
  • Marital Counselling

…and more