Board members

Our board members are from five continents bringing with them, professional expertise and a deep understanding of communal throughout the Jewish  world.

• The Board together with the rabbinic faculty bring together Torah and communal expertise creating a well-rounded curriculum for the program.
• The Board ensures that there is good governance.
• The Board takes an active role in ensuring financial sustainability and  placement of our Graduates.
• The Board will be used as a springboard to share ideas of different communal projects creating a united vision of how to build Am Yisrael.

Under the Presidium of:
Harav Yaakov Ariel
Harav Baruch Gigi
Harav Dr.Warren Goldstein
Harav Lord Jonathan Sacks
Harav Hershel Schachter
Harav Nachum E. Rabinowitz

Chairman – Selwyn Smith (South Africa)
Co-Chairman – Rabbi Doron Perez (Israel)
Vice-Chairman – Mr. Darren Platzky (Israel)

Board members:
Rav David Blackman
Rav Doron Podlashuk
Mr. Marc Belzberg
Mr. Steven Blumgart
Mr. Ilan Chasen
Mr. Justin Goldberg
Mr. Dov Horowitz
Mr. Eliezer Jeselsohn
Mr. Ariel Kotler
Mr. Sean Melnick
Adv. Shalom Wasserteil